Sunday, September 1, 2013

Jekyll's Daughter, The Movie

Good news, bad news, of course…

Spending a lot of late nights on TeamSpeak— kind of like Skype without the camera on. Late for me because I’m on the Eastern Seaboard and they are on the West Coast. For now the whole thing is virtual. The next steps are setting up a project wiki— a BBS with timetables and goals. There’s something about a kickstarter campaign too… but I don’t know much about that yet.

Most of the people on the production team seem pretty nice, easy to work with. Starting with a screenplay for a short promo video…

I still have my doubts. They tried to buy the rights outright but it was a low-ball offer and I politely turned it down. Obviously they do not have much money (or backers, I’m guessing). Can they really pull this off? I don’t want this to be cheesy in anyway…. They were very happy to find I had done all my historical research at least. No anachronisms.

They have their doubts about me too. A little button-pushing on their part but also legitimate concerns: Namely book sales, numbers, and fan base. Both woefully lacking in their yes. The companion site to JD only gets about 5,000 hits a month. Low to their standards. I did point out that I do almost no marketing at all, and that I haven’t updated the site’s content in, well, sorry to say, years… They were not impressed, but it wasn’t a deal breaker either. TG! There was the usual stuff about being committed to the project… Are you kidding me? Can we say dream come true?

Anyhow, someone on their side suggested the idea that I serialize the story on Facebook. Not an idea I would ever have. And I’m still not crazy about it. Surely that’s been done before? Probably… well, what the heck, I guess it’s worth a try. They think it will help my numbers and I’m guessing, demonstrate commitment. 

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