Thursday, February 23, 2017

Posthumous Publishing, Part 10, Bright Lights

The Pros and Cons of Publishing Posthumously
"Let there be light"

Part 10: Longest Lasting Book Lights on the Market

Casket-bound or not, it is essential that the posthumous author keeps up with the latest trends in publishing. And that means reading. And that means light. Most cemeteries frown upon high voltage wires leading to their grave sites, but will allow for small solar power arrays. Batteries, rechargeable or not, are also problematic. No one wants to spend eternity alongside a box of leaky D-cells. Things to look for: 1. a strong clip, 2. an adjustable neck, 3. long-life bulbs. Top recommendation: LuminoLite, as it produces a white light similar to daylight, which stimulates the brain and helps you stay alert and energetic. Night-vision goggles are a poor second choice.

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