Friday, February 17, 2017

Posthumous Publishing, Part 4, Fiction

The Pros and Cons of Publishing Posthumously

Part 4: Fictional Death or Actual Death, the Consequences

Fictional death, and what I mean by that, is faking-your-own-death, tends to be more difficult than actual death— though not always. Accidents do happen. A general rule of thumb: your corpse must never be found, or if it is, it must be unrecognizable. The best approach is always a “disappearance” and it can be equally effective in boosting sales and publicity. Keep in mind, new identification documents are costly, and be sure to set up a numbered Swiss bank account before taking the plunge. Handy tip: The number one spot on earth for the “disappeared” is the Grand Cayman Islands, Sea View Road, near the East End Post Office and two blocks from the ATM machine.

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