Monday, February 13, 2017

The Pros & Cons of Publishing Posthumously

In the weeks to come, I'll be posting this handy 28 Part Guide to Posthumous Publishing.
Success is virtual guaranteed!

Topics will include the following:

Part 1: Medical Death versus Legal Death, Know Your Rights
Part 2: Bookworms and Other Kinds
Part 3: Low Cost, Pre-Taped Video Interviews
Part 4: Fictional Death or Actual Death, the Consequences
Part 5: Planning for a Contested Last Will and Testament
Part 6: The Publisher’s Advance, Always a Good Idea?
Part 7: Modern Cryogenic Technology, An Overview
Part 8: Exhumation, Twitter Tips for Dead Authors
Part 9: Finding an Agent You Can Really Trust
Part 10: Longest Lasting Book Lights on the Market
Part 11: Why Criticism Usually Falls on Deaf Ears
Part 12: Editing from Beyond the Grave
Part 13: Writer’s Cramp and Pre-Autographed Editions
Part 14: Know Your Market, Zombies and the Reading Dead
Part 15: Twelve Catchy Epitaphs
Part 16: Hard Cover, Cremation or PDF?
Part 17: World’s Most Prestigious Cemeteries
Part 18: Necropolis Here I Come!
Part 19: Choosing the Right Tablet
Part 20: Royalties, Social Security and the IRS
Part 21: Why Self-Publishing May Be Ineffective
Part 22: After-Market Retirement Plans
Part 23: Terminology Blunders, Not Early Retirement
Part 24: Heaven or Hell? Location Matters
Part 25: The Joys of Illuminated Manuscripts
Part 26: A Handy Hundred Year Planning Guide (foldable)
Part 27: Not Ghostwriting in the Strict Sense of the Word
Part 28: Timing is Everything!

see you soon...

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