Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ten Reviews

I am not new to writing, but I am new to marketing and promoting. Like many of us writers, I love the former and despise the latter. My palms are sweaty even as I write this. It makes me unduly nervous. Still, it must be done, and for me I need a simple goal to shoot for: 10 reviews. 

More experience authors might read this and smile bemused. Of course, I doff my proverbial chapeaux to your successes, and I remind you we all have to start somewhere. 

I have reviews, on GoodReads among other places, and scattered elsewhere across the web; I am meaning something more specific: 10 reviews on Amazon.

This seems to be an almost magical number. A point where the casual browser might stumble across your book to sit up and take notice— bloggers and reviewers as well. Ten reviews is a nice round number. I might be deluding myself, or at least bitten off more than I can chew. It’s not just the one book I have, there are nine published now… and, if I were good at math, I’d say I am really looking for 90 reviews at least. Hopes and dreams... and a long way to go.

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