Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Posthumous Publishing, Part 15, Epitaph

The Pros and Cons of Publishing Posthumously

Part 15: Twelve Catchy Epitaphs:
(authors anonymous)

NY Times Best Seller List 1989-1990

I write, I die, I publish

Your scathing 1-star review means nothing to me now

Reading is Eternal, Please plug in the battery charger below this message

By reading this tombstone you are violating 72 international copyright laws

Available on Amazon or Barnes & Noble

Not my best work, now only 99 cents

In life a plumber, in death an author

RIP, My latest obsolete techno-thriller

Finally get to meet Oscar Wilde in person, sort of

A Best Seller in 7 out of the 9 Circles of Hell

Heaven can wait, not done editing

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