Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Posthumous Publishing, Part 16, Formatting

The Pros and Cons of Posthumous Publishing

Part 16: Casket, Cremation, or PDF?

Formatting for the living can be nightmarish: Lost italics, indents gone bad, missing quotation marks, and a host of other punctuational difficulties, to name but a few. Rest assured, all this will plague you equally now that you’re an ex-author. In the midst of such frustration, a funeral pyre might seem to be your only option, manuscripts and all. It’s best to resist this temptation, especially if you consider book burning still has negative connotations. There are two remarkably simple solutions: 1. an extra casket that contains all your notable work; or, 2. download your opuses into handy PDF documents which can be re-formatted at a later date. It is, perhaps, the ultimate form of procrastination.

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